BOSCH GSG 300 FOAM RUBBER CUTTER 350W 240V 0601575103
BOSCH GSG 300 FOAM RUBBER CUTTER 350W 240V 0601575103 CUTTING CORDED POWER TOOLS Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia, Senai Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Protools Hardware Sdn Bhd

Product Details

  • Saw blades for fast, clean cuts in soft
  • elastic materials such as foam or rubber-coated horsehair
  • Cutting up to material thickness of 30 cm
  • The specialist tool for soft materials
  • For millimetre-precision cutting of foam rubber, gummed horsehair and similar materials
  • Low-vibration and low-noise running due to reciprocating saw blades
  • Precise working due to exact saw blade guide
  • Good handling, also for left handers
  • Wide range of saw blades for every application
  • Saw blades and guide available as accessories


  • Brand£ºBosch
  • SKU£º323434899_MY-447264038
  • Warranty Period£º1 Year
  • Warranty Type£ºLocal Manufacturer Warranty
  • Model£ºBosch GSG 300 Foam Rubber Cutter 350W 240V 0601575103
  • What’s in the box£º1X GSG300
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